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tv   [untitled]    February 19, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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>> the program will be continued by the remarks of our special guests. first of all the honorable mayor of san francisco. please welcome our mayor. [applause] >> thank you very much. happy luna new year everyone. [applause] it's my pleasure again to join our senator leno, our supervisors kim and scott wiener and the entire committee that has worked so hard to put on this wonderful, wonderful festival for our entire city. i just love this time of the year.
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the year of the ram this year is going to be about artistry, about coming together supporting each other. i want to say thank you very much to the festival volunteer community and the vietnamese community and economic development center. they have been wonderful in putting this on and now that we're revitalizing market street there is a connection of the improvements of the area and connected up with market street and this is a wonderful celebration that we have it here at the center of our united nations plaza. i want to congratulate all of the store front owners here the small businesses here for working together with us. we have been putting a lot of emphasis on our market street as of late and our investment in neighborhoods and i hope that the small business owners along that corridor have really appreciated the work
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we're doing together. things are always improving and look at the wonderful crowds that you have coming out today so we join you in this festival. it's now the 19th tech festival celebration in our city. we congratulate and continue wanting to work very closely with the vietnamese community. [speaking foreign language] >> thank you. [speaking foreign language]
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[applause] >> thank you mayor. thank you so much. [speaking foreign language]px 3, 2,
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(clapping). >> (clapping) good afternoon, everybody let's rise let's have a revolution. (clapping.) i'm here with many of our sisters that are going to welcome you to to and welcome to is revolution today not yesterday not tomorrow today. >> (clapping). >> in february we rise in country hundreds of countries around the world to show wasn't one boil women and girls looks like we want to shine a light we want to shine a light on the impunity and i think justice that survivors and offenders often face we're here today to start the revolution here in san
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francisco we rise. >> (clapping). >> we rise through dance to express our joy and communicated and celebrate the fact we've not been dpaetsdz by the violence only made stronger. >> (clapping). >> we rise to show we're determined to create a new kind of consciousness one where violence obey resisted until it is unthinkable. >> (clapping). >> i'm so honored to be here i want to welcome everyone my name is the white house of the domestic violence consortium welcome to the revolution we want to start with our first speaker being from the first nation community i want to start with the first
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people that were in san francisco i want to start with the first nation community i want to welcome our first spectator mr. flores from the pit river nation. >> my name is fy lemon flores i'm with the indians education program title vii welcome to san francisco welcome to the revolution >> (speaking foreign language.) >> welcome to the revolution >> (speaking foreign language.) >> all my relation thank you.
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(clapping.) >> >> (speaking foreign language.) >> (cheering) i'm with came on house. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> (cheering). >> i'm emily from the san francisco dependent on the status of women.
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>> (speaking foreign language.) >> (cheering). >> (speaking foreign language.) >> (cheering). >> (speaking foreign language.) >> filipino and san francisco.
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>> (speaking foreign language.) >> >> (speaking foreign language.) >> freedom free. >> i'm from san francisco. >> hi. >> my name is merriam. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> my name is north america did care with the foundation welcome to the san francisco revolution push on. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> that was just a small and
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beautiful sampling of over one hundred and 20 languages spoken in san francisco so thank you any sisters i really appreciate it (clapping) and when we talk about revolution we have to talk about leadership revolution is moving leadership forward you have to have leadership and political will we'll talk about leadership today, i have to say i want to welcome my supervisor a great leaders on this issue of commonwealth and housing and on so many issues the new board of supervisors president supervisor london breed. >> thank you. >> hi, everybody it is so great to see so many smiling faces here today
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i know that this is a time to celebrate and time to be happy by the way we're standing strong against violence against women and girls. (clapping.) >> sadly there are too many people who are not smiling twrom people that are victims in the hiding in the studios and seeing how large this event continues to grow gives me the reassurance that in the future there will be more women here standing strong and more women coming out and saying i need help and support help me to change my life for thought better (clapping.) we it is our responsibility to let victims of crimes know that they have a support system they have policies that will change that will make their liv


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